Custom Carts, Inc.All American Series

American made "green" vehicles that don’t need gas,
or leave a big carbon footprint!

While constantly "setting the standard" to define the future of our industry, Custom Carts Inc. has recently introduced a revolutionary line of electric and solar electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV’s) that provide an alternative mode of transportation requiring no gas to operate.

Engineered and manufactured right here in Sarasota, Florida, these vehicles utilize up to 45 to 50% of recycled or certified remanufactured parts and materials, all covered by a new vehicle warranty. The “All-American” series is the most eco-friendly, low speed vehicles in the world. These carts deliver a classic look, and are built with “superior workmanship” by the industry leader of new and revolutionary LSV designs…Custom Carts Inc. of Sarasota, Florida.

Numerous companies from various industries and government agencies are creating a growing market aiming to reduce waste and their carbon footprint by utilizing a more practical and efficient means of transportation in a low speed environment. The All-American cars are constructed of welded aluminum space frames using custom aluminum-alloy extrusions that meet the requirements stipulated by the government regarding major reductions in vehicle fleet petroleum use, and a 50% recycling and waste diversion goal mandated for completion by 2015.

Custom Carts is proud to have engineered a unique electric vehicle that provides a measurable lowering of GHG emissions and also meets the market demand for the highest quality American-made products priced thousands of dollars less than other manufacturers.

All American Carts

Simply put, the All-American series is the best built, lowest priced electric vehicles on the market today.

The All-American series of cars are built on a rust proof, all aluminum chassis that offers unsurpassed leg room and overall spacious comfort. The optional Sunray Solar Tops are supplied by Eco Trans Alliance, LLC, an industry leader in providing solar power to the rapidly expanding global electric vehicle market. This revolutionary design maximizes driving distances between charges while greatly reducing unwanted greenhouse gas emissions.

The All American series by Custom Carts, includes 15 different models to choose from that can be purchased with or without solar, and can accommodate from 2 to 14 passengers…comfortably! Attractive solar tax credits provide an additional incentive for adding the Sunray solar tops to both consumer and commercial/utility models.

Custom Carts, Inc. can design and build a full line of solar electric solutions for planned communities, golf courses, colleges and universities, municipalities, military bases, corporate parks, resorts, federal agencies and much, much more!

Whatever your specific need may be, or if it's just your desire to own the most revolutionary, energy saving personal electric vehicle on the planet today, call or email us for the details on our All-American line of vehicles.

Please call 1-888-860-3228 / 941-953-4445, email or come in today!

All American Series | Custom Carts Inc.

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